Professor Avery Goldstein at the University of Pennsylvania Visits CISS


On June 15, Professor Avery Goldstein at the University of Pennsylvania visited the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) at Tsinghua University. He met and exchanged views with Director Da Wei, Deputy Director Xiao Qian and Deputy Director Chen Qi of CISS, Professor Li Bin, Professor Sun Xuefeng and Associate Professor Chen Chong of the Department of International Relations at Tsinghua University, and CISS Fellow Sun Chenghao and Postdoc Fellow Wen Jodie, and some student representatives. 


Professor Avery Goldstein shared his theories and reflections on the nuclear escalation in great power competition and analyzed the nuclear deterrence theory and its policy limitations in the context of historical experience during the Cold War. He analyzed the risks and prospects of nuclear threats after the Cold War, arguing that the risk of nuclear war still existed and that the risk had a tendency to escalate in the short and medium term. 


According to Professor Avery Goldstein, given that the Ukraine crisis had led to a rising risk of nuclear crisis, the international community should focus more on how to avoid a nuclear crisis while seeking nuclear crisis mitigation. He called on the great powers to strengthen crisis management and take responsible actions to mitigate the risk of nuclear war.

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