Established on November 7, 2018, the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) of Tsinghua University is a university-level think tank in the field of international security and strategy. CISS has two objectives: one is to remain current with the changes in global dynamics, offering policy suggestions for decision-making through researches on topics of international order, international relations, and security and strategic studies while conveying rational and professional messages to the society; and the other is to elucidate and disseminate China’s perspectives and policy propositions through various forms of international knowledge exchanges and cooperation, to enhance the international community’s understanding of China, and to improve Tsinghua’s global influence in the fields of international relations and strategic studies. 

CISS implements a director accountability system under the leadership of the Management Committee and has an Academic Committee that serves as the academic advisory body, with DA Wei, professor of department of International Relations, school of Social Science, Tsinghua University. CISS consists of research divisions including the Research Project on the US and Europe, the Research Project on Global Governance, the Research Project on Eurasia, and the Research Project on Artificial Intelligence Governance, sets up “China Forum”, a sub-brand committed to international communication, organizes “CISS Youth” Research Exchange Program across top universities at home and abroad, and guides Tsinghua University Student Association of International and Strategic Studies (SAISS) and the Tsinghua University Student  Association of China-U.S. People-to-People Exchange.