Research Center for Multi-disciplinary Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and National Securit

Based on the Center for US-China Relations of Tsinghua University, the Interdisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence and National Security plans to integrate the exchange and cooperation with American think tanks and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and national security as new research topics, for the purpose of analyzing impact and challenges of AI on national security from the interdisciplinary perspective.

The Center is committed to making analysis on the impact and challenges of AI on national security in a systematical way, mainly from digital security, physical security and political security respectively.

With experts specialized in information technology, network security and database technology, as well as in public management, risk management and international relations in our university, a joint research group will be organized to conduct interdisciplinary research on major topics with the interconnection between AI and national security as the core, in order to adapt to the current scientific and technological development and industrial upgrading of our country. Moreover, for learning experiences and lessons from other countries on similar issues, the Center will also regularly hold international conferences and invite experts and scholars around the world to attend. 

In addition to researches, the Center will work with the School of Social Sciences of our university to establish the Interdisciplinary Teaching Center for Artificial Intelligence and National Security to undertake the teaching tasks for our students, and to cultivate potential young researchers. If conditions permit, the Center will jointly launch an interdisciplinary masters program together with the School of Social Sciences.