Research Center for International Security Governance

The Center is dedicated to explore the basic common principles of international security governance. At present, global security issues are increasingly complex and diverse, and the existing international security structure fails to meet the new needs. Meanwhile, the competition among great powers is on the rise again. The United States and other countries still habitually view China’s growing influence on global affairs from the perspective of traditional geopolitical competition. However, the international community has not yet reached consensus on how to solve the contradiction between the rising security challenges featured by globalization and diversification, and the absence of an inclusive mechanism of international security. The key to these problems is to build a more inclusive security framework or mechanism.

The Center will conduct scientific researches on three major issues of global security governance: First, the vitality of the current international order. The question of whether the current international order is unsustainable or irreformable needs to be answered. Second, how to build a consensus on global security governance. The focus will be how to build a solid and viable consensus on security governance with other countries, in the context of emerging problems and situation of international security. Third, how to enrich the theory of global security governance guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy. Sticking to Marxist dialectical materialism, the Center will deeply analyze the evolution of the international situation during the transition and identify the basic characteristics of China’s external environment in the historical turning point, by digging into various fields including international political landscape, global economic development, global security and exchange among human civilizations, for assisting China’s overall planning and opening-up in a better way.