Da Wei Addressed at the Eurasian Online Seminar in Russia


On June 8, 2023, Professor Da Wei, Director of the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) and Vice Chairman of the China Forum at Tsinghua University, was invited to deliver a lecture at the Eurasian Online Seminar on the topic of “U.S.-China Relations and the International Order in Transition”. 


The Eurasian Online Seminar is a series of online lectures organized by the HSE University in Russia, by which this initiative was founded in 2021. The lecture on this occasion was the 39th session of the seminar, chaired by Alexander Lukin, Head of the International Laboratory on World Order and the New Regionalism at the HSE University in Russia. After a 45-minute lecture, Professor Da Wei participated in a 60-minute open discussion with distinguished scholars from Russia, the U.S., Europe, India, Japan, and other countries who attended the event.

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