Da Wei Publishes an Article in The Economist


On June 1, Professor Da Wei, Director of the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) and Vice Chairman of the China Forum at Tsinghua University, published an article in the “By Invitation” column of The Economist on how China and America should seize the opportunity to stabilize bilateral relations.


According to Professor Da Wei, China and America can make a difference in the following four aspects in the coming six months. First, they should reintroduce and institutionalize regular communication between government agencies. Contacts in person between officials from both countries should be increased regardless of bilateral relations. Second, the two countries need to expand people-to-people exchanges in academia, business and so on, so as to break down cognitive “echo chambers”. Since there are quite a few people in both countries eager to better understand each other, increasing exchanges can generate more accurate and rational judgments on one another. Third, China and America should manage to reach consensus on specific issues that are relatively easy to deal with, in a bid to create positive momentum. Fourth, both sides should gradually construct clear borders amid heightened economic and technological competition through a series of consultations and negotiations.

The recent thaw in relations between the two countries provides an opportunity for stability in bilateral relations. Therefore, both sides should act quickly to seize this valuable opportunity.

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