Paul Tsai China Center at Yale Law School Visits CISS


On the afternoon of January 18, Paul Gewirtz, Director of the Paul Tsai China Center at Yale Law School (PTCC); and Susan Thornton, Senior Fellow of the PTCC, visited the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) of Tsinghua University. They engaged in discussions with CISS Deputy Director Xiao Qian, Senior Fellow Zhou Bo, Nonresident Senior Fellows An Gang, Li Chen, and Yu Xiang, and Fellows Sun Chenghao, Song Bo, and Dong Ting, and exchanged views with current students of Tsinghua University and some CISS Youth members at lunchtime.


Experts from PTCC and CISS reviewed the “San Francisco Vision,” having an in-depth discussion on US-China relations, the US presidential election, and other issues and responding to each other’s core concerns.


During lunch, Professor Paul Gewirtz and Professor Susan Thornton communicated with Tsinghua students who raised questions enthusiastically on such topics as the impact of the US presidential election on China-US relations, the way for the US and China to avoid slipping from “de-risking” to “decoupling,” the US diplomatic priorities in 2024, and the difficulty in crisis management and the way of risk and conflict management for the US and China.


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