CISS and HD Hold a Dialogue on “Artificial Intelligence Security Governance”


On October 24, the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) of Tsinghua University and the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) held a bilateral dialogue on “Artificial Intelligence Security Governance.”

In the first session of the Dialogue, the two sides exchanged views on potential cooperation on artificial intelligence (AI) projects. HD representatives Adam Cooper and Netta Goussac advocated for a dialogue on the risks and governance of AI for military applications. They believed that both organizations are very concerned about AI governance and look forward to in-depth discussions and cooperation with CISS on related topics in the future.


In the second session of the Dialogue, the two sides discussed the respective paths to AI security governance of China and the European Union (EU). Currently, AI security governance has gradually become a heatedly discussed topic in the international arena. For example, the UN expressed its support for the establishment of an AI regulator; the UK hosted the first global AI Safety Summit in November; and China released the Global AI Governance Initiative recently. CISS and HD exchanged views on the building of a global AI security governance mechanism and shared their respective paths in China and the EU.

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The Dialogue was joined by Xiao Qian, Deputy Director of CISS; Sun Chenghao and Dong Ting, Fellows of CISS; Lu Chuanying, Deputy Director and Research Fellow of the Institute for Public Policy and Innovation Studies of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies; Li Qiang, Director and Associate Professor of the Institute for Military Law Studies of China University of Political Science and Law; Netta Goussac, Head of AI and Emerging Technologies of HD; Alisha Anand, Director of AI and Emerging Technologies of HD; Hannes Ebert, Head of HD Cyber; and Lyv Jinghua, Regional Director of Northeast Asia of HD. The two sides agreed to strengthen communication in the field of AI security governance and promote China and the EU to explore the space for cooperation.

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