【The 39th Security and Strategy Seminar】Modernizing China’s Diplomatic Governance System and Capacity


On June 1, 2022, the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) of Tsinghua University held the 39th Security and Strategy Seminar titled “Modernizing China’s Diplomatic Governance System and Capacity.” Aiming to provide forward-looking and operable suggestions for China’s diplomatic theory and practice, the event convened scholars from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, China Foreign Affairs University, and Central University of Finance and Economics, as well as diplomatic practitioners from local foreign affairs offices. The seminar was moderated by CISS Deputy Director Xiao Qian, and CISS Director Da Wei delivered concluding remarks.


The discussion was focused on the role of China’s diplomatic governance system in building a modernized socialist power, the characteristics and takeaways of the diplomatic approaches of other world powers, as well as the diplomatic propositions, solutions and practices that need fine-tuning as China modernizes its diplomatic capabilities. The panelists also put forward specific policy proposals on how to further highlight the influence, appeal, and shaping capacity of China’s diplomacy in the new era and how it can better contribute to building a community with a shared future for humankind.


Among the keynote speakers of the seminar were Zhang Baijia, former fellow and deputy director of the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee; Jia Qingguo, Wang Yizhou and Zhang Qingmin, professors at the School of International Studies, Peking University; Wang Fan, vice president of China Foreign Affairs University; Qu Bo, director of the Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University; Su Hao and Zhang Lili, professors at the Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University; Ren Xiao, professor at the Institute of International Studies, Fudan University; Xing Yue, associate professor at the Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University; Li Zhi, assistant dean of the China Institute of Development Planning, Tsinghua University; Li Jiayuan, Foreign Affairs Office of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; and Zhang Qi, lecturer at the School of Government, Central University of Finance and Economics. The event also featured Chen Qi, deputy director of CISS; An Gang, nonresident senior fellow at CISS; and CISS fellows Song Bo, Dong Ting, Sun Chenghao, Shi Yan, Zhu Rongsheng, Feng Wei and Miao Zhengming.

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