Upcoming Event: January 23-24 | The 3rd International Forum on Security and Strategy



The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves across the globe, bringing growing uncertainty to the international landscape and unprecedented challenges to the existing world order. Against this backdrop, what are the trends that are reshaping international security and strategy? How do we strive towards a peaceful and stable international environment? How do we promote cooperation and manage conflicts among major powers? What are our lessons learned about globalization? How can we better calibrate our forecasts and expectations for the world and China?

The 3rd International Forum on Security and Strategy will take place in Beijing on January 23 and 24, 2021. Bringing together more than 60 renowned scholars and experts from China and abroad in person or through a virtual platform, this forum aims to kick off the year 2021 with a feast of ideas by exploring deeper into the above issues through the diversified insights of our guests.

The International Forum on Security and Strategy is one of the core forums of the Center for International Security and Strategy(CISS), Tsinghua University. Having been held in Beijing in January 2019 and January 2020, the forum this year is themed “Changes and Continuities in the International Order” with three parallel sub-forums: (1) The Great Power Relations: Cooperation or Conflict; (2) Security and Military: Peace or War; and (3) Globalization: Moving Forward or Backward.

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