Zhou Bo: 13th Anniversary of Gulf of Aden Escort-History Chooses Chinese Navy

  • Thirteen years ago, on December 26th, the first Somali escort formation of the Chinese navy set sail from Sanya military port in Hainan, arrived in the Gulf of Aden in Somalia, and officially began to escort. So far, the Chinese navy has sent 39 escort formations to the Gulf of Aden and the Somali waters, carrying out over 1,457 escort missions. What does the escort work in the Gulf of Aden mean for China's naval construction? In the face of increasingly fierce maritime conflicts, what role does our escort work play? Han Hua, Member of China Forum Executive Committee and CGTN commentator, talked with Senior Colonel Zhou Bo (retired), senior fellow of Center for International Security and Strategy Tsinghua University, China Forum expert, and former director of the Center for Security Cooperation in the Office for International Military Cooperation, Ministry of National Defense. Zhou Bo reviewed the 13-year escort course of the Chinese navy from his personal experience.

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