Huang Renwei: The best way out for Biden's B3W Plan is to integrate with the BRI

  • In the history of global strategic competition, there have been various strategic triangles, the most famous of which is the triangle of China, America and Soviet Union during the Cold War. In an exclusive interview with China Forum, Huang Renwei, China Forum expert and Executive Director-General, Fudan Institute for Belt and Road and Global Governance, said that the world situation is becoming increasingly complex, with three big triangles —— the China-US-Russia triangle, the China-US-EU triangle, and the US-EU-Russia triangle. At the same time, the market triangles and strategic triangles overlap, which makes the situation more changeable. 

    With the gradual disappearance of the absolute superiority of the United States, Biden put forward the B3W infrastructure plan during the G7 summit, but compared with China's BRI and "a community with a shared future for mankind", B3W is far behind and has no hope of being achieved. The BRI is still the general trend.

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