Secretary General: Zhang Lirong
Secretary General, China Forum Former Minister of the Chinese Mission to the European Union

Mr. ZHANG Lirong, Secretary-General of China Forum, Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University; former Minister of the Chinese Mission to the European Union.

Former career diplomat. He worked in the Department of Western European Affairs and the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry, the People's Republic of China. He was once secretary to the Vice Foreign Minister in charge of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He also worked for years in the Central Foreign Affairs Office of China as well as Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province. Through the years he was promoted to Director and Deputy Director-General.

He took up various assignments in the Chinese Embassy in Denmark and in the United Kingdom as well as in the Chinese Mission to the European Union, respectively as Counsellor, Minister Counsellor and Minister.

International relations especially Europe related issues have over the years been his focus. He has also been keen on the study of international communication.