Hopes and Obstacles on Sino-U.S. Relations


Since US Secretary of State Blinken visited Beijing on June 18th, in just a few weeks, there has been intensive interaction between China and the US. "open communication", "frankness and pragmatism" and "exchange and cooperation" have once again become high-frequency words to describe Sino-US relations.

What new trends have these interactions revealed in the fields of trade, science and technology and people-to-people exchanges between China and the US? What impact will it have on the bilateral relations? In the field of free trade and climate change, why is the US policy ironic? 

Recently, the China Forum of Center for International Security and Strategic at Tsinghua University specially invited Professor Jone Gong, vice president of the Israeli branch of the University of International Business and Economics and a China Forum expert, who expressed his views on the above issues in the interview.

Hopes and Obstacles on Sino-U.S. Relations.mp3

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