China, US Need to Accurately Judge Each Other’s Strategic Intention: Madam Fu Ying


The future pathway of China-U.S. relations has been under the global spotlight, as the Biden administration has not yet rolled out its full Chinese strategy.

Madam Fu Ying, the Chairperson of CISS, warns that the main obstacle of trust-building lies in how the two countries could accurately judge each other’s strategic intention.

In this episode, we will be listening to Madame Fu’s speech on East Asia Wisemen’s Roundtable in late February, where she discussed the possibilities for U.S. and China to forge mutual trust again, as well as the expectation of East Asian countries on a stable U.S.-China relationship.

The East Asia Wisemen’s Roundtable, themed " East Asian Regional Order and Cooperation after Covid-19", was co-organized by the East Asia Foundation, Atlantic Council, Nakasone Peace Institute, and CISS on February 22, 2021.

CISS Podcast-China, US to Judge Each Other's Strategic Intention

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