China Forum Expert Gao Jian Talks to Phoenix TV on China-UK Ties


On November 14, Gao Jian, an expert at China Forum under Tsinghua University’s Center for International Security and Strategy and director of the Centre for British Studies at Shanghai International Studies University, gave an interview to Phoenix TV on the impact of the latest cabinet reshuffle on the UK’s foreign policy, especially towards China.


Rishi Sunak is more of a pragmatist than a hardliner on China, and although he has said that the so-called “golden era” of relations with China is over and portrayed the latter as a challenge to the West, the UK’s overall policy towards China has not fundamentally changed, said Gao.


He also noted that whether David Cameron’s return means a fundamental shift in Sunak’s cabinet still needs closer observation. Policy incontinuity has been a problem in the UK, and one of the factors is pressures from the US on its foreign policy. In addition, the country’s China policy still needs to be monitored, as unfriendly voices against China from within the Conservative Party stays an influential player.

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