China Forum Expert Gong Jiong Speaks to CGTN on Australian Prime Minister’s Visit to China


On November 8, Gong Jiong, a China Forum expert and vice president for research at UIBE Israel, gave an interview to CGTN America’s The Heat on China-Australia ties and the visit of the Australian prime minister to China, the first in seven years.


Australia is one of the few countries that maintains a trade surplus with China, its largest trading partner, with an annual surplus of close to 70 billion dollars, hence the importance of the Chinese market to the Australian economy. This visit sends a positive signal to the previously tense bilateral relationship, which will hopefully turn the page and begin to flourish, said Professor Gong.


He believes that the misunderstanding between the two countries has become a stumbling block to their relations. China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its investments in the South Pacific islands are purely economically-driven and do not run counter to Australia’s interests. In terms of national security, there is no conflict of interest between China and Australia in military and national defense. As the two sides work towards comprehensive economic cooperation and the growth of their ties, they need to strengthen communication and actively resolve existing challenges.

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