China Forum Hosts Seminar on International Cooperation of Shenzhen’s AI Enterprises


On November 19, the Seminar on International Cooperation in Artificial Intelligence in Shenzhen was hosted by China Forum with the Shenzhen Foundation for International Cooperation and Exchange (SFICE), Tsinghua University’s Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG), and Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association (SAIIA). Among the panelists were Mr. CHEN Xiaogong, China Forum Expert and former Deputy Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee; Professor ZHU Feng, Executive Dean of the School of International Relations at Nanjing University; Mr. ZHANG Lirong, Secretary General of China Forum; Mr. WANG Xin, Head of Corporate Cooperation at China Forum; Mr. LU Junqun, Secretary General of I-AIIG; Mr. SUN Huaizhong, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office; Mr. CAO Cong, Secretary General of SFICE; Mr. FAN Congming, Executive Chairman of SAIIA; and Mr. ZHAO Kefeng, Chairman of the Academic Committee of SAIIA. The seminar also brought together more than 30 representatives from AI enterprises based in Shenzhen.


Representatives from Huawei, UBTECH, IntelliFusion, SenseTime, Youibot Robotics, LsLidar and other companies shared their experiences and challenges in AI international cooperation and governance, and engaged in an in-depth discussion with the panelists on how Chinese high-tech enterprises can participate more deeply in international cooperation and governance as well as industry rule-making amidst the increasingly complex and challenging international climate. Participants agreed that it is necessary to mobilize multi-stakeholder efforts to support Chinese AI enterprises to achieve greater development overseas and deeper engagement in AI international governance by harnessing their resources and building platforms for international exchange and cooperation.


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