【CISS Youth】Meet with Experts: NATO’s Asia-Pacificization and Indo-Pacific Strategy


On August 22, 2022, the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) of Tsinghua University held the 4th “Meet with Experts” CISS Youth Lecture, which was themed “NATO’s Asia-Pacificization and Indo-Pacific Strategy.” Students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, China Foreign Affairs University, National University of Defense Technology and other institutions participated in this lecture. Koh King Kee, a renowned Malaysian scholar on China and president of the Centre for New Inclusive Asia, was invited as the key speaker of this lecture, which also featured Zhou Bo, a senior fellow at CISS and a China Forum expert, as a panelist. The event was moderated by CISS Fellow Dong Ting.


In the lecture, Koh King Kee took both historical and practical perspectives to point out that NATO and the Indo-Pacific strategy are tools for the US to encircle and contain its strategic rivals and to serve its interests. He believes that NATO could be Asia-Pacificized in four ways: first, Asia-Pacific countries could join NATO; second, the US could build and lead a NATO-like collective defense system in the Asia-Pacific; third, NATO could be integrated into the Indo-Pacific strategy system; and fourth, cooperation between NATO and its partner countries could be strengthened and expanded. He proposed five countermeasures for China: first, strengthening its ties with ASEAN; second, pulling in the EU; third, adjusting its security strategy; fourth, improving its international communication; and fifth, enhancing its strategic focus.


Zhou Bo then commented and asked questions on Mr. Koh’s lecture, and the two panelists engaged in a frank exchange. In the Q&A session, they gave comprehensive and detailed answers to the questions raised by CISS Youth members Cui Yuanrui, Gao Peng, Li Xingyuan, Shao Zhicheng, Zhao Yuqi and other participants.

CISS Youth, a special project led by CISS, is dedicated for research exchanges among young students and professionals in the field of international studies. It is independently organized by its members through lectures, seminars, roundtables, large-scale annual forums, etc. CISS Youth seeks to foster young students and scholars with a global and strategic vision who will grow into active players in the international arena. The project also serves as a referrer and funder for outstanding members to observe and speak at international forums as the voice of China telling its stories. 

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