Intern Workshop for Fall Semester 2022


On August 18, 2022, the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) of Tsinghua University held a workshop for its interns for the fall semester 2022, where CISS Deputy Director Xiao Qian, Fellows Dong Ting and Sun Chenghao, and three intern representatives met with 24 students who will start their internship at the Center this semester.


Xiao Qian briefed the interns on the overall development of CISS, the opportunities for them here and the aptitudes they are expected to possess. Since its establishment in 2018, CISS has made good use of its strengths as a university-based platform to train researchers while playing its role as a think tank in carrying out research and communication.

Dong Ting introduced CISS International Security and Strategy Reviews from three aspects: what, how and why to write. She stressed that the topics of the reviews should be up-to-date, diverse, focused and original, and should acknowledge the needs of both professional and non-professional readers. She then gave comments and suggestions on previous issues of the reviews, highlighting the importance of strictly following the writing specifications and the significance of timeliness, source quality and professionalism.

Sun Chenghao gave examples of the meaning and significance of the CISS Security and Strategy Reports, stressing that it is important to build on reliable primary sources, strive for clear factual information, and reflect the perspective of the respective region or country, while standing firm on China’s policies and position. He then explored the significance of compiling major international developments as he shared his own experiencing in writing reports on the US and Europe, and encouraged the interns to join research teams on related topics.


Afterwards, three intern representatives shared their experiences and takeaways from their time at CISS. Wang Yexu, who graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University and is going to pursue her master’s degree at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, reviewed her two-year internship from three aspects: day-to-day work, research projects and CISS Youth projects. She advised the 2022 cohorts to try their best to hone their skills, ensure meticulous attention to detail, be observant and cherish every opportunity during their internship. Shao Zhicheng, who graduated from Sun Yat-sen University and is going to pursue his master’s degree at the Institute of Area Studies of Peking University, shared his experience as an intern at CISS. In his presentation titled “Developing Perspectives,” he introduced the key points of the International Security and Strategy Reviews and other special projects, and invited the new interns to embark on an exploration in the field of security and strategy. Cai Yihang, who graduated from the University of International Relations and is going to pursue a master’s degree at the Institute of International Relations of Nanjing University, also shared her experience as an intern over the last two years. She believes that CISS has provided a positive environment for cultivating research interests, enhancing criticality and creativity, and building interpersonal relationships, and looks forward to working together and making common progress with all CISS members.



As a think tank, CISS also attaches great importance to the cultivation of young talents. We are committed to training students who have a global and strategic vision. As interns are invited to participate in the work we do here as a think tank, they get to broaden their horizons, develop deeper insights, and foster competencies under the guidance of our experts. They will also gain valuable opportunities to interact with experts and scholars in the fields of security and strategy, diplomacy and international relations at home and abroad, to observe top domestic and international conferences, and to engage in research on major international issues.

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