China Forum (CF) is a permanent platform of the Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS), Tsinghua University headed by Mme FU Ying, sponsored by Shanghai Chunqiu Institute for Development and Strategic Studies, a non-profit organization.   

Launched in 2019, CF is aiming at high-end domestic and international exchanges with the purpose of helping the world know China better.  CF connects dozens of former Chinese high-ranking officials, diplomats, well-known economists, academic and media experts in international relations and China related issues. Its main work at present is to support and assist them to attend international forums to present and explain Chinese views through speeches and interactions.

Major Sponsors

The Center for International Security and Strategy at Tsinghua University (CISS) is a research institution that analyzes international security and strategy issues, including diplomacy and international relations, global security governance and artificial intelligence. The Center aims at providing policymakers with recommendations on resolving some of the world’s most pressing security issues, as well as enhancing the international community’s understanding of China’s ideas and policies.

Shanghai Chunqiu Institute for Development and Strategic Studies is a non-profit think tank. Since its establishment 8 years ago, it aims to contribute to independent research capacity building and to energize positive discourse about the China’s development model and path, by adding complementary programs and resources to think tanks located within government agencies and universities. Chunqiu Institute considers itself as kind of platform think tank devoted to maintain healthy eco-system by providing multiple supports to development of other independent thought leadership teams domestic and aboard.


Since its inception in 2019, China Forum’s organizational structure includes an executive committee and a secretariat. The executive committee is composed of six members with Mme Fu Ying as Chairperson and Eric Li Vice Chairman. The Secretariat consists of five sections respectively responsible for conference, administration, training, research and media liaison. The Secretary-General is Zhang Lirong.