Yang Liao is from Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, and is currently studying in the School of Environment at Tsinghua University, with research interests in big data and synthetic biology. She has participated in diplomatic activities, such as Tsinghua-Yale China-US Relations Dialogue and the Youth Forum of the China-Japan-Korea Environment Ministers' Meeting. She has worked in the International Youth Philanthropy Program of AIESEC and has traveled to Japan, Singapore and Thailand for international exchange. She is particularly interested in strategic technology innovation. She was the vice president of Tsinghua University's Tanzen Science and Technology Review, and the head of the "VentureHub" think tank of Tsinghua University's Entrepreneurship Center, and is now the chief executive planner of Tsinghua University's Innovation Enhancement Program and a member of Tsinghua University's Global Strategy Research Association. She focuses on international science and technology competition, technology-driven green economy strategy, and ESG. She looks forward to interpreting international relations from a sustainable perspective and strategically driving the establishment of a green science and technology innovation system.

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