DENG Jiayi


Deng Jiayi is from Urumqi, Xinjiang. He is currently a PhD candidate in international relations at China Foreign Affairs University. His research interests include US diplomacy, Sino-US relations and national security. During postgraduate study in the School of International Relations, Deng Jiayi worked as a student assistant in the Center for International Strategic and Security Studies of the School of International Relations, and participated in the compilation of Reference for Zao Yuan Research. In addition, as one of the student leaders, Deng Jiayi has participated in the "Zao Yuan Forum" of the School of International Relations for several times. During PhD study, Deng participated in the writing of policy reports of relevant government departments for many times. At Strategic Youth, Deng's main research interests include the US strategy towards China, Sino-US security issues and other related topics.

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