Diao Daming: Biden’s 100 days performance was imbalanced, will he only achieve nothing but hype up the China threat?

  • According to a Washington Post poll, Biden's satisfaction rate at 64% on pandemic control has been the most positive,  his satisfaction rate on economic policy stands at 52%  with a dissatisfactory rate of 41%. The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill signed last month has received an approving rate of 65%. However, on the U.S.-Mexico border issues, his dissatisfactory rate is 53% and satisfaction rate is only 37%.  There is still a long way for the U.S. to handle the epidemic, and its prospects of economic growth are still uncertain, humanitarian disasters are frequent, and the political polarization is expanding...China Forum sits down with Prof. DIAO Daming, associate professor of Renmin University of China and China Forum Expert on Biden's 100-day performance.

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