Chen Xiaogong: It is frustrating to see that multilateralism is confronted with challenges until nowadays

  • On September 28, the Lanting forum, sponsored by the China Public Diplomacy Association and Nizami Ganjavi International Center, and co-sponsored by the Center for Strategic and Security Studies of Tsinghua University, the research base for Sino foreign cultural exchanges of Peking University, the Chongyang Institute for financial studies, Renmin University of China and the, was successfully held in Beijing. The theme of the Lanting forum is “International order and global governance in the post epidemic era". Chen Xiaogong, a special expert of the China Forum and former Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Central Commission of CPC, attended the meeting and spoke on the shortcomings of global governance, the challenges faced by global multilateralism and multilateralism under the impact of pandemic.

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