China Forum Expert Teng Fei at Global Town Hall 2023


Global Town Hall Mini Series, hosted by the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI), kicked off on October 13. Themed “Bridging the North-South Gap: Laying the Bricks for a Just and Equitable Solution to the Climate Crisis,” the event explored global climate governance and took a look ahead to COP28.


Moderated by Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, founder and chairman of FPCI, the conference featured H.E. Mia Mottley, prime minister of Barbados; Melanie Robinson, UK ambassador to Zimbabwe; Sandra Guzmán Luna, founder of the Climate Finance Group for Latin America and the Caribbean; Earnest Iyagi, program officer at the African Youth Growth Foundation; and Teng Fei, deputy director of Tsinghua University’s Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy. The panelists dived into topics including advancing climate finance and enhancing climate resilience, and proposed suggestions on how to bridge the North-South climate divide.


 As many emerging economies are limited in their ability to cope with the climate crisis, developed countries ought to provide technological and financial support proactively, said Professor Teng Fei. He also introduced China’s role in global climate governance, and highlighted the differences between South-South and North-South cooperation. To ensure fairness and justice in global climate governance, we need coordinated efforts in climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as a more inclusive and open environment for cooperation.

Global Town Hall Mini Series aims to provide high-caliber discussions among world-renowned think tanks, universities and civil society organizations.

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