China Forum holds a meeting on Trend of China-US Relations and New International Situation


On November 6, 2020, China Forum held a closed-door seminar on “The Trend of China-US Relations and the New International situation after the US Presidential Election”. Professor Ding Yifan, a researcher from the World Development Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and a China Forum expert, was invited to share his analysis on US foreign policy and its China policy after the election as well as the impact of the global development of Chinese enterprises and their participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Mr. Zhang Lirong, China Forum Secretary General, Ms. Han Hua, CF Board Member and representatives from Fueta international, Beijing Energy Club, Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation, Shenzhen Outbound Alliance, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and other institutions participated in the meeting.


Professor Ding Yifan said that China-US relations and international situation will all usher in a new stage. The future development of American politics will be bumpy, and the social division will last for a long time. Regarding the future China policy, he believes that the Biden administration will not adopt the Cold War policy and economic decoupling  with China. Instead, it will restore values as the core of its foreign policy, focusing on enhancing the US's own strength to compete with China and ensuring a strong position in cooperation. Ding predicted that China would respond positively to Biden’s attitude of resuming dialogue and cooperation with China, and China would welcome a well-regulated competition with the United States.

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