China Forum Expert Tang Bei Attends the "Living with the COVID-19” Roundtable


On October 16, 2020, Ms. Tang Bei, Associate Researcher from Shanghai International Studies University, and a China Forum expert, attended a roundtable discussion on “Living with the COVID-19” organized by a leading British think tank, the Ditchley Foundation,  The discussion touched upon national anti-epidemic initiatives, the global development trend of COVID-19 and its geopolitical and economic impact.


Participants argued that different cultural characteristics, social structures, levels of development of public health systems and other factors have led to different attitudes and differential approaches in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic in different countries. In her speech, Professor Tang Bei observes that China's increasing inter- and intra-regional population movements are driving both economic growth and social prosperity.But when dealing with this major infectious disease, China was quick to recognize that the spread of the virus was a double blow to public health and economy. Economic recovery is only possible after the epidemic is contained.  The so-called “herd immunity”is hardly applicable to China. Despite the possibility of a second wave of epidemic outbreaks, China has made advances in mass testing, close contact tracing and vaccine development, leading to an increasingly precise prevention and control of the epidemic. In the future, countries should actively engage in dialogue and cooperation in areas such as vaccine distribution, open borders, and public health system development.


In addition, Professor Tang Bei also participated in the discussions on influence of international organizations, China's epidemic prevention policy, the relationship between local and the central government in China in dealing with COVID-19 and the purpose and impact of China's anti-disease diplomacy.

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