China Forum Holds International Communication Seminars and Film Watching Meeting


The China Forum of Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University (CISS) invited domestic and foreign experts to attend small-scaled interior seminar on September 26th, with the in-depth discussion of Chinese international image construction and international communication. Special experts and executive members of China Forum, academic committee members of CISS and foreign experts from United States, Europe and Australia participated in the seminar. 


Chinese experts stated that with Chinese increasing international status and closer relationship with the world, China was facing aggravated challenges in the field of international public opinions. They emphasized the importance of necessary refutation to discredits from Western politicians and unfriendliness from public opinions. China should insist on positive communication through various channels, and forming targeted communication discourse systems for different audiences. 

Foreign experts came to general agreements that the estrangement between China and Westerns was an ‘ice wall’ rather than an ‘iron wall’. The dilemma China faced in international public opinion field was mostly intensified by Western media. China should not only attach importance to communication with Western politicians, but also with the public. The channel of expression for China in international society is comparatively single at present, mostly represented by governmental officials. China should express itself through various channels and methods, give full play to the role of think tanks, enterprises and individuals in external communication, and develop further communicational experts and organizations with international vision. 

Chinese experts also watched series of short-videos as “The Points from China Forum”. Experts affirmed the speciality and diversity of the short-videos, also offered suggestions for advance. 

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