China Forum Expert Gao Jian Talks about China-EU Relations


On September 29, 2020, Mr. Gao Jian, a China Forum expert, and Director of the Center for British Studies of Shanghai International Studies University attended the “Resetting the next phase of EU-China relations post-COVID” online roundtable hosted by Friends of Europe, a well- known European think tank.


At the meeting, Chi Fulin, Director of the China Institute of Reform and Development, pointed out that although the current situation of COVID-19 is still severe and the prospect of world economic development is still worrying, the momentum of China's future economic development will continue to be rapid, as a lasting and stable driving force for world economy.  Minister Counselor of the Chinese Mission to the European Union Xian Weiyi believes that China-EU economic and trade relations have a strong endogenous momentum. If China and the EU sign a comprehensive investment agreement, it will lay a solid foundation for China-EU economic and trade cooperation. The prospect of China-EU cooperation in traditional and emerging industries is remarkable.

Gao Jian pointed out that it is necessary to acknowledge the significance of China-EU relations for the current world economic development and the development of human civilization. China and the EU should deepen their understanding of each other's history and culture to provide continuous and comprehensive knowledge guarantee for the in-depth development of China-EU relations. He suggested that in areas where the positions of the two sides are fundamentally opposed, China and the EU should shelve their disputes and make suggestions for the stability and long-term development of China-EU bilateral relations from a constructive perspective and with open mind.


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