DI Dongsheng
China Forum expert Professor at School of International Studies, Renmin University of China

Prof. Dongsheng DI is the Associate Dean and a professor on International Political Economics/ world economy with the School of International Studies, Renmin University of China. He is also a senior research fellow at International Monetary Institute of RUC. His research interest covers topics such as the politics and economics of global currency and financial issues, as well as Chinese foreign economic relations, while his recent research and publications is about the ongoing trade war(s) between US and the rest of the world.
Prof. DI got his Ph.D degree in 2004 from Renmin, and before that he studied in European Universities including Science-Po (France) and Durham (UK). His education background covers different disciplines, including International Finance, Politics, and Strategy history.
In his academic career, Prof. DI published two books, dozens of papers, and hundreds of op-ed articles in both Chinese and English. In 2019, his new book ‘the Power of Money: Relations among Politics, the Market and the People’ is published by China Social Science Press. Prof. DI is also active in providing consultant services to both governmental institutes and private businesses. He is one of the advising experts to the NDRC of China on projects such as China-India Strategic Economic Dialogue and China’s investment in Europe. He is also one of the experts appointed by China Development Bank to review China’s foreign aid and investment plans, especially in Asian region.